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Hellsing Icons

[damnation's not enough]

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Welcome to Livejournal's original icon community centric around the the wonderful anime/manga Hellsing.
Hellsing Icons is an open icon-sharing community for users to display their creations in an environment meant for works based on the Hellsing series alone. Upon joining, please make sure to read the rules. Eventually, there will be an FAQ here. When I have enough pressing questions to actually warrent one, that is.

Venture fourth into the cities of the damned....

+ Allowed: Any sort of graphic creation relating to Hellsing, whether it be the anime, manga, or fanart. Icons are our main intention, but graphics such as wallpapers, friends only banners, and LJ layout designs, are also welcomed.
+ NOT Allowed: Graphics having to do with any other anime. This should be pretty self-explanitory, and..let's face it, we all love comman sense.
+ Content: We're open minded here. Hentai and other explicit materials, should there be any, are perfectly fine. But for the sake of virgin eyes, please put the subjects in question behind an LJ-Cut and WARN us as to what sort of debauchery lies beneath.
+ Awards: If there is enough interest, eventually icon award contests will be held here. Until further notice, however, this is merely a place for sharing/distributing your work.
+ Requests: Allowed, at the creators' discretion. Only one request per member each week, unless a creator specifically mentions that they will take multiple requests. Be polite and patient, please, as the person making your icon will be using their own free time to do it.

mannequinskin aka phantome

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Want your community/graphics journal listed as an affiliate? Let me know..I'll be more than happy to swap links.

Linking to the Community:

+ STEALING of icons or other works will NOT be tolerated. If the creator asks for credit, then it is expected that you will give it to them when using their icon. If you are caught using an icon without the proper credit, you will be asked to remedy the situation. Failure to cooperate will result in you being banned from this community.
+ Learn the art of the LJ-Cut. It's very useful tool, really. If you're posting large wallpapers or more than 3 icons, please place the bulk of them behind a cut. Don't know how to do it? Ask, certainly somebody will be willing to explain.
+ Critism, unless asked for, is not acceptable. If you dislike what another has made, then just keep your comments to yourself. Negativity will result in your being flogged and cast into the nether-regions of Livejournal Hell. Or I'll just ridicule you a hell of a lot. Your choice.
+ DRAMA is not necessary. A small amount is amusing, but please maintain a dignified countenance.
+ Most importantly, have fun and post often. Participation is what keeps a community thriving.

Questions, concerns? Contact me. I'm not hard to reach.

and so shall his soul be smoldered in hell-fire, for that is the price of eternity...