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I said more coming soon, so here are a batch I churned out today.  :P  These are all from OVA III.  As usual, they are mostly Alucard icons, but I did do some for the other characters as well, including Seras, Anderson, Maxwell, and Tubalcain.  As usual, there are duplicates (same screen cap, different colors/cut).  Enjoy.  Still even more to come soon.

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Hellsing Icons

They're all Alucard icons. except for the two I made of the Major.  You will notice that they are mostly all different versions of the same few screen caps.  Obviously.  I didn't make very many this time.  More coming soon....

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Sailor Moon

Hello there!

[45] Hellsing
[45] Kuroshitsuji
[55] Misc
[12] Mei-chan no Shitsuji, [18] Yami no Matsuei, [15] Yu-Gi-Oh!, [5] Sailor Moon, [5] Castlevania
[7] Walter/Integra graphics

[152] Total

Warning: This post is really image-heavy!


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